All the Green Tape!

We have decided that it’s time to create a functional family room with a little more ‘direction’.  Right now, our furniture, which worked well in our last home, is arranged in total disagreement to our room’s layout.  It is kind of difficult, however because our TV niche is right next to our fireplace.  The trouble lies in  arranging the furniture so that both areas are used and a nice ‘flow’ is created.  (Believe me! I have asked three interior designers from the most well-known specialty furniture stores. If anyone else wants to help, please chime in!)  And, what’s with these niches?  We have so many niches in our house that I just don’t know what to do with! (Okay, that’s another post.)

So, if you were to come to our house right now you would see our old furniture sitting on top of some green painter’s tape.  This tape is simply to layout and measure for our prospective furniture arrivals-someday.  We’ve gotten the question from many house visitors, “What’s with all the green tape?!”  I think the most helpful way to pick out furniture pieces is to actually remove all of the old furniture (ours visited the kitchen and the foyer for a while), and tape out each piece in shape and measurement.  This makes it visibly obvious whether or not the furniture will fit, and say, whether or not there will be enough room to walk through!

The names of the furniture pieces are also labeled on the tape.  This is done for me, mostly because it takes us about six months, if not longer,  before the initial thought develops into its completed plan!  In that time, I may forget what the layout was actually for.

While planning this room we had one major factor to consider; the kids.  We need furniture that is easy to clean, provides some storage to hide toys and coloring books, and is darker in color to hide the wear and tear of our jumping jelly beans.  I ordered this swatch from West Elm a while ago and tacked it up in our office.  The color is Faux-Suede Otter.  The feel of this fabric is so soft and plush, like a cozy baby blankie.

Without further ado, here is where I am at right now.  What do you think?

Cozy Family Room

In case you are curious:
1 ~ The wall color of the room is Benjamin Moore’s Kingsport Gray.  It actually appears dark on the swatch but our room has very high windows, which makes this a very warm and inviting gray color in our family room.  I love gray!
2 ~ I want some kind of tri-pod lamp because I just like the look of them.  I found a few here, and here.
3~ This chair is the Petrie from Crate and Barrel.  I love the white leather against our gray walls.  The tufted button back is pretty nice too!  (Check this similar chair out from Ikea’s Karlstad series.)
4~ I am digging the Chevron print lately.  Just put these in for fun, but I really like the look.  Not sure how they would work though, as the wall color is almost too similar.  Plus I really like the Grommet look and these don’t have that option.  May just stick with my pretty white curtains for a while.
5~ This bookshelf from Ikea, is actually moonlighting as a console table behind our couch.  Couldn’t beat the price and for our purposes, kids and function, it’s perfect.  Bought some nice baskets on our recent Ikea run that fit perfectly and make clean-up time a breeze.
6 & 10~ I love mixing the wicker in now and again.  Brings in the warmth and smooths out all the straight lines.  I plan on filling that basket with cozy blanket throws.  It seems easier to throw them in the basket than to fold them up and neatly place them on the arm of the chair…at least for the rest of my family.
7~ The rug allows for a neutral color scheme, but brings in plenty of possibilities; yellows, blues, light grays…hmmm?  Also a nice contrast with the couch color, Otter.
8~ The couch pictured is similar to the one we actually ordered, but my husband was really excited about a chaise lounge on one side for his major football marathons!  I am sure I can find a purpose or two for a chaise as well.  The color is Otter.  It appears a deeper gray and is the ever-so-soft faux suede fabric from West Elm.
9~ The table slides open and has tons of storage inside.  Solid, but gives a bit of a visual interest as well.
10~ More wicker, and as a side table! Sweet!
11~ Many pillow options from here, here,  and here.
Remember  the initial problem was (and still is) the funky TV niche adjacent fireplace?  Here is a little sketchup ( yes, that’s like ketchup with an ‘s’) of my plans, minus straight lines or perfect scale.
Notice the piece in the upper left-hand corner with the big ? on it.  Right now we are not sure what will go there, but the space is open, and big enough to allow for another comfy seat.  Hmmm…
The contemplating continues.  I am always trying to find something I really love, but on sale or at a better bargain price!  (I wonder who I got that from?  Thanks Mom!)
Hopefully I will have some before and after pictures to share before next year!  Until then, people who walk into this house will be seeing a bit of green tape.  I am looking forward to the day that it is replaced by the real thing!
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