Pizza Wrap Calzone ~ Recipe

Monday, March 19 2012 


Of course, just when I don’t need any more reason to sit down at the computer, I  (like many people I know) am admittingly becoming addicted to Pinterest.   If you don’t know, Pinterest is a social photo sharing website where one can get ideas about decor, fashion, inspirational thoughts, fitness, and of course, food!  When I saw the above picture during one of my recent Pinterest visits, I knew this would make a perfect dinner for our family…wrapped pizza (AKA Calzone, right?).

Most things I ‘Pin‘ on Pinterest I only dream about actually doing.  But this  looked so good, and easy, that I just had to try  it.

Here’s my gathering of ingredients:

I chose not to make my own dough on this day because we had a busy night of multiple soccer practices.

After cooking the sausage, I quickly mixed up the pizza dough.  (Using Gluten Free varieties is a bit stickier, as a side note).  Flatten the dough into a long rectangle-like shape. Make sure to grease the pan you are using, as well.  Once the crust is flattened, use a pizza cutter to slice the sides on a slight angle.

Fill with fixings to your liking.  This particular one is for our non-veggie eaters in the family; sauce, sausage, cheese, and the broccoli I snuck in.  First I tucked the end area up to hold in as much as possible because I wasn’t sure if it was going to leak out while cooking.  Then I ‘mummy wrapped’ up the rest.  On the top, I brushed some olive oil, oregano, and Italian Seasoning and put it in the oven at 350 degrees until the dough was done; about 25 minutes.

Writing this post is making me hungry!

And, here is our final, super yummy, outcome!

Making this pizza wrap was fairly quick, too, especially since I bought the premix for the dough.   The premix came with yeast, but I substituted ‘Quick-Rising Yeast’ instead so the dough only had to sit fifteen minutes, not 45!  The most tedious part was chopping the veggies, which only took about 10 minutes.  Honestly, I wasn’t paying much attention to how much time this dinner took , but I’d say 25 minutes to prep (due to sausage and chopping and dough rising) and 25 to cook.   Quick for  me, anyway,  with Zz pulling at my legs, breaking up squabbles, and being distracted by Ellen!

All in all, a great Pinterest visit, I would say.

Are you interested in checking out Pinterest?  Good luck not getting addicted!


Images: 1),  2-9) Laura for monkeysonmyback

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2 thoughts on “Pizza Wrap Calzone ~ Recipe

    • Let me know how they like it. My husband had the idea of warming up the extra pizza sauce for a dipping sauce and the kids loved that as well!

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