Good Times with Gray…and Pink!

Thursday, May 31 2012

The long weekend has come and gone, well equipped with warm weather, projects and holiday fun.  Did I mention that school is out here too?  Our summer is in full swing; so much so that my down time to write is getting a bit “eaten up” by entertaining the kids.  Nonetheless, we have big progress to report; well, big for us.  

May Re-cap

Seems our month of May is coming to a close quickly, but it’s nice to remember what we’ve accomplished.

1. Check out that Gray and Pink, and the built in window seat!  I am getting ahead of myself here, but we are excited about how far this plan has come in a matter of two weekends!  You may remember seeing the beginning stages here.  At that point we weren’t too sure how we were going to actually build a wall around the book shelf, but I have a thing for wainscoting and love this horizontal look.  We only needed thirteen tongue and groove boards to finish this part off.  It looks kind of funky with the blue tape.  The shot above shows the knotty pine boards covered in two coats of primer.  More on the gray and pink in a moment…

2. Here we are, Jada and I, just before our first (together), Bolder Boulder 10k.  After her 6.2 miles of jogging, walking, eating marshmellows, running through sprinklers, seeing dancing grannies, and doing slip-n-slides, Jada informed me that she would ONLY do this again if I bought her new shoes!  Ha! She did great!

3. See that handsome boy on the left?  Pre-school graduation time and all smiles!  We have been waiting for this moment all year, more than I can explain.  He is so ready for Kindergarten…more than I am, that’s for sure.

4. Sometimes I wonder how anything ever really gets done, especially when put down our things and stop projects mid-stream so often.

“One, two, three, four, six!”  Pardon me, we are counting like Zander today because I am too lazy to change it!  Did you notice? Ha!

6.Here I thought we were looking good and  ‘almost done’.  Not so!  We decided to change up the color scheme of the room, feeling like the walls were really screaming at us still every time we walked in the room…goodbye bright purple little girl room…

7. The boys and I were busy setting up some photo shoots for their bedroom art this month.  The subjects were very cooperative.  It’s gonna look great!

8. Here is Zz at the CU Buffalo during the Memorial Day Ceremonies.  Cute picture to remind us of a great weekend full of festivals and fun..and where has May gone?

9.  Remember that large world map that Aris loved when planning his room?  Well,  it’s up!  I hung a small amount of gray linen fabric behind it  to allow for a better contrast against that wonderful green wall.  We think it looks awesome!

And, that’s the lowdown around here.  I will post more on the rooms individually as they come to completion; if that ever happens.

Earlier I mentioned that I was getting ahead of myself showing the picture of the window seat and the newly painted gray and pink walls.  The room is really coming together quickly, and perhaps because our Jada no longer has a bed we feel like we need to get a move on.  After starting to frame the IKEA shelf in her window alcove, here,  we kind of felt the bright purple and orange room was too much.  Remembering a picture we saw at IKEA, we became inspired.

BILD Poster IKEA Motif created by Dan Bennett.

We loved the pinks, and yellows, and oranges in this picture.  When searching for a good pink, not too bright or neon, just inviting, we came across Benjamin Moore’s Wild Pink.  I don’t think it’s all too wild because it is not bright and even has a touch of gray to it, which helped us match it too Behr’s Graceful Gray.  And those are the colors you saw on the walls above, a sneak peak of what’s to come.  Below is the room plan.   A fraction of what our room plans include rarely play out, but we will see where this one takes us.  Jada loves her pink wall and her almost done window seat.  Hope to have more on that soon…

Gray & Pink Room
As quickly as our days pass, full of chalk drawing, playing cars and riding bikes, somehow our projects are making headway..a little bit at a time.
Images 1) Laura for monkeysonmyback 2)IKEA 3) Gray & Pink Room by monkeysonmyback on Polyvore
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7 thoughts on “Good Times with Gray…and Pink!

  1. It all looks great Laura…so glad I was able to spend 2 nights visiting in person. Thanks to my job paying me to stay in Colorado…how cool is that?

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