Lights out

Friday, September 14 2012

It’s getting dark earlier. Today, I noticed the angle of the afternoon sun casting longer shadows over my students during class.  I can feel the calmness of the sun’s warm rays, instead of the intense blasting heat.  Yep, close to the Flatirons already, casting an eerie sort of glaze upon the trees, the sun is.  The angle of the light almost makes a shimmer across the landscape.  This happens every year around this time, Septemberish, that the sun and the mountains get ‘closer together’ much quicker. Of course, you are thinking, that’s what happens in the Fall.  Earth rotation, etc..  But,  I feel at 5, 400 some feet, this is ever-so noticeable.  I didn’t grow up here.  I don’t recall noticing this change in my Midwest living years.  (I was younger then, and clueless).  For me, though, this casting of the sun brings with it such a calm and peaceful announcement, “Fall is here.

I love this time of the year.  The smell of Fall, the crispness of the morning.  It’s still amazing to me how the morning temperature can be 50 degrees, but the warm Colorado sun can reach 80 degrees by day’s end.  I am embracing this gentle change of Fall.  Embracing  before the wind-whipping, snow-twirling, winter air rushes down those mountainsides.

The sun went down behind the mountain tonight around 7pm.

Not only are we reminded of our days getting shorter, but someone (who shall remain nameless) has also reminded me of something else I have been putting off this summer; updating the lighting in our family room.  It’s dark in our family room.  It’s like living in a cave when we can’t rely on the summer sun to cast a nice glow into the late night hours. Okay.  Yes, I have put this off for at least a year, first ordering a couch, then waiting for some chairs…always seems to be something else.  Realistically, however, one can not read a book or magazine with the glow of our TV, and it’s time to look into some lighting purchases.

I’m not really sure what I want, which is part of my procrastination.  My goal is to provide a light source near each seating arrangement.  The chairs/couch shown are similar to, or are the exact pieces we have already in our room.  The couch has a console behind it for the lamp to sit on, obviously.

Lighting Ideas

I like the sleek, clean look of these pieces.  I don’t know if it’s too much of the same thing or if it provides unity in decor?

Here’s the quick rundown:

The ceiling fan; modern and hopefully brighter and less squeaky than the one we have.  I’ve always liked the look of the arc style floor lamps, see no. 2, which hopefully can tuck nicely behind or alongside the chair.  I am considering a swing arm lamp behind one of our chairs, such as in No. 3, to provide more floor space for plants and shelves and things.  This busy base table lamp (no. 4), which would sit on our bookshelf console already behind the couch, will mix up that slick silver just a bit, and hopefully not get kicked off the table by a small boy’s foot. This may be a plan, but I have not yet committed.

Have you purchased any lighting lately that you are happy with?

We shall see when I actually get around to this.  I am still working on Miss Jada’s dresser customization.  So, in the mean time, as the earth continues to rotate, and someone continues to complain about not being able to see the remote, I will continue to enjoy the daylight we have left and maybe, just maybe, go to bed a little bit earlier.

Lights out.


Images: 1) Fairview High School, Boulder, CO Google Image 2) Source Polyvore

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