Hi!  I am Laura –  a thirty-something (although my daughter believes I am 27)  wife and mother of three, who has finally accepted that not all good hobbies must be athletic!  In my quest to revisit my childhood love of writing, this blog was created.  However, one may find more pictures than writing… pictures of kids, adventures, nature, crafts/decorating and DIY projects.  

Two years ago, and 7 months pregnant with number three, we moved our family (only 1 mile) into our current house.  Great for us in so many ways, yet so intimidating, bare, and oh-so-very-TAN!  And, so my mission to delve into my adult creative side began.  I get a rise out of garage sales and good deals and home DIY projects that actually turn out.  I am motivated by the possibilities, and by life.

Remembering to embrace special moments, and to be thankful for the ‘dailyness’ of it all…and things are getting accomplished with three wonderful monkeys on my back.

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