Random Living Room Finds

Thursday, September 27 2012

Tonight I got totally distracted dreamshopping online (I didn’t really buy anything).  I really had no mission in mind at all, but occasionally I sit down to tweak a few of my past mood board sets; changing things up a bit.

So, tonight I was focused on the living room, which was first posted about a year ago.  Crazy! One. Whole. Year. YIKES! I thought I’d be further along than what we actually are, but at the same time,  nothing happens very quickly around here, except maybe meal time!  (Snail’s pace, I say!)

So, anyway, here is a little update.

First from the original plan:

Cozy Family Room

Cozy Family Room by monkeysonmyback on Polyvore

The past year included painting the 20 ft. cathedral walls, purchasing the rug, two white leather chairs and the couch with a chaise lounge on one end!  Whew!  Just typing that brought back exhausting memories.

Here are the Living Room purchases:

Living Room

Living Room by monkeysonmyback on Polyvore

Yep.  After 25 paint swatches on the walls for about 3 months straight last summer, and green painters tape mapping out about 4 different seating options, then waiting another three months for our sofa sectional to be delivered, that is where we are!  Deep breath.

We are very happy with our paint color and our furniture purchases, but I am constantly looking at other decor options.

Random Living Room Finds Worth Finding

Random Living Room Finds Worth Finding by monkeysonmyback on Polyvore

It’s fun and very distracting.  Suddenly, 10 minutes of an innocent blog check turns into 2 hours of surfing, pinning, and organizing.  The room is coming together nicely though. Slowly, but nicely.


Images: Laura for monkeysonmyback on Polyvore.com. 

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